Besides Instagram, many new apps have been launched using the same video format for entertainment. This has caused a bit of difficulty for business owners to grab the attention of their audience via Instagram videos. However, the flexibility Instagram offers to post a variety of video content is still lacking on some other platforms. So you can avail of this opportunity to get ahead of your competitors.

For a long time, Instagram users kept worrying about their views and followers. And to increase their numbers, some were used to purchase likes and comments. Even today, the newbies opt to buy IGTV views to elevate their engagement. However, because of the new Instagram algorithm methodology, it hasn’t remained something truly rewarding. 

So what should you do now? You’ll find everything you need to learn about before making your Instagram video. In this article, we’ll walk you through all the basic steps briefly. 

Pre-define Your Objective

Before creating a video, you must have an objective in your mind. Your video should have a message for the viewers, and it’s clear enough to be easily understood. This strategy helps to add some meaning to your video content.

While beginning with a new startup, you can be extremely creative with your videos. You can tell people what you do, why you are different from others, show them the challenges you’re tackling along the way, and more. If you’re an established company, you can share your culture, the journey, and things that kept you motivated to come so far. 

Don’t Let Them Lose Their Interest With Lengthy Videos. 

People create reels, IGTV videos, and buy Instagram impressions to increase views on their videos. However, you can simply create a short video to elevate your view count. Because short videos are more tempting for the audience. The majority of the users have a short span of attention, so they love watching short clips or reels instead of lengthy videos.

Announcement videos for product launches are easy to make this way. But, in how-to videos or tutorials, you need to elaborate all steps. So you may consider shooting small video clips for each step individually. 

Hashtags Are Necessary For Promotion 

Hashtags are quite helpful when it comes to promoting your videos on Instagram. By using relevant and trending hashtags, the likelihood of your videos appearing in the target audience’s feed will be increased. Hashtags are very popular among Instagram users and can encourage them to show engagement when you post a video. 

No Result Without CTAs

Your reach won’t increase, and you’ll have to buy IGTV views if you don’t add a strong call to action in your video. Your goal must be increasing your reach and engagement instead of buying numbers. And this can be done when you use a call to action strong enough to make your viewer take action right away.

Contrary to finding relevant and less competitive hashtags, using CTAs is easier and more helpful. You can ask anything as simple as ‘comment if you agree,’ ‘tag a friend who needs this, etc. 

Graphics Speak Louder Than Content

You must use high-quality graphics to create compelling videos. They’re meant to seize the viewers’ attention and make them watch your content again and again. 

Focus On What Analytics Has To Say

Instagram analytics gives you the right direction to lead your way in video marketing. It tells you which videos are receiving the maximum and minimum engagement so you can work to improve your strategy. 


While paying attention to these few things, you can create videos that generate traffic on your account. Ultimately, you won’t have to buy Instagram impressions because there’ll be more genuine followers by organic methods.